Monday, February 4, 2019

Topography of Pavoor Uliya from 2010 to 2019

This picture shows how the    Pavoor Uliya   island 

is eaten by the greedy   Sand miners .

Sand Mafia vs Pavoor Uliya - 2019

Mangaluru: Destruction of bridge - Minister U T Khader visits Pavoor Uliya

Mangaluru: Pavoor Uliya temporary bridge destroyed by miscreants

Mangaluru: Apathy from government - Pavoor Uliya residents build bridge with hard-earned money

Mangaluru: Pavoor Uliya is an island without connectivity - Join hands to build bridge here


background story

These were the boats used to mine sand illegally from Uliya island.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Bridge Appeal Through Daijiworld

Mangaluru, Oct 29: Even after seven decades of independence, and various central and state government constructing thousands of roads and bridges in the county, an island just 12 kilometres away from proposed Smart City Mangaluru, is without connectivity.
Pavoor Uliya, an island surrounded by the Netravathi River, has 52 houses, a church and a government school that was shut down recently. The only mode of transport for the residents to reach the mainland is the boat.
During summer, a temporary wooden bridge is installed. However, during the rainy season, one needs to take a boat to get off this island to go to school, work or for other daily activities. There are no street lights, no shops and no medical assistance available in this island. Hence, the residents have to depend totally upon either Mangalore city or Adyar or Farangipet.
Pavoor Uliya means ‘left over or remaining land’. The oval shaped island is spread over 250 acres. Flavy D’Souza, a home maker from this island could not save her husband seventeen years ago, when he had suffered a heart attack. He died as he could not be taken to the hospital in time due to lack of connectivity.
The story is not just of Flavy alone. Many other families too have suffered similar tragedies due to absence of a bridge to the mainland. The residents blame the apathy of people’s representatives and the district administration, and say that they are forced to live in stone-age like era, cut off from the outer world. Their problems get aggravated when heavy rains lash the region. The children who live in this island risk their lives every day to go to schools and colleges.
The island can be reached only by rowing for around 800 meters. “Every day is an adventurous trip. Juggling between boat, overflowing river with strong currents and heavy rains, we try to cross the Nethravati and go to school” says a student.
Woes of students
The island has around 50 students studying in various schools and colleges. To go to the other end, they have to assemble near a boat boarding point by 6.30 am. As there is salt water, they need at least 4 – 5 pairs of footwear every year and they skip classes whenever there is heavy flood in the river.
Most of the island dwellers here make a living by fishing and rolling beedies. However, due to rampant sand mining and other ecological imbalance, fishing activity has reduced and they are forced to take up alternative jobs outside the island. Though they live surrounded by water, they do not have water for consumption. Only one well situated adjacent to church provides drinking water for the entire village. “We are forced to drink salt water. We boil it first and then consume it,” says one of the residents.
"At the time of election, the candidates visit this island and assure to build a bridge and provide other facilities. But once the election is over, promises are forgotten. Every day the river gets deeper due to frequent digging of sand. There are many illegal sand mining units operating in surrounding areas of our island. It makes us afraid and if the sand mining continues, definitely the island will disappear within few years, “ says a resident.
Hence, the immediate need of the people of this island is to have at least a temporary bridge to connect to the main land, if not a permanent bridge. The said bridge will cost around Rs. 25 lacs. Therefore, the residents have formed a committee for construction of the bridge under the guidance and leadership of parish priest of Infant Jesus Chapel. They look forward for kind-hearted donors who will donate generously for the construction of this temporary bridge. 

Bank details:-
Name of the Account : Infant Jesus Chapel
Savings A/c Number : 0641101072513
Name of the Bank : Canara Bank
Name of the Branch : Farangipet Branch
IFSC code : CNRB0000641
MICR code : 575
Fr Gerald Lobo, OFM Cap
Parish Priest
Mobile – 9448758084
Email : 
Reference : Daijiworld